In the next ten years, many important changes took place in the Sullivan family.  Kat and Gabe’s divorce six months after their final separation was without rancor, sad though it was for the rest of the family.  A little over a year later, Kat sold her psychology practice to a young colleague  and decided to take an extended trip to Modena, Italy, to reconnect with her cousins and a couple of aunts who still lived there.   Continue Reading »


After four and a half months at Mickey’s, Gabe made a decision to move into his own apartment, about a block away from his son.  He and Kat were still not talking divorce or even a legal separation.  In fact, they rarely talked at all.  Now that Megan no longer needed him very much, nor anyone else in the family, it seemed, he had a lot of time on his hands.  After several aimless months spent brooding about his situation, he began writing in earnest.   Continue Reading »

For the next two weeks Rachel stayed with Mickey, and Donna did not object.  At the end of that time, Rachel called Megan to apologize, and they made up.  Megan said that she agreed with Rachel that their mom had been unfair, but that she was under a lot of strain and wasn’t thinking clearly.  It was obvious that she was making excuses for her, so Rachel dropped the issue.  Megan told her that she’d seen her doctor and had gotten the okay to start having visitors and going out.  Everything looked good.   Continue Reading »

Three days after this conversation, Rachel decided that the only way to try to clear the air between herself and Megan was to talk to her.  While she did not want to put her on the defensive, she knew she had to be honest about her concerns.  As she was trimming Megan’s hair, now long enough to style in a kind of wedge cut, she took a deep breath and broached the subject that had been preoccupying her.  Continue Reading »

The growing friendship between Megan and Paco, who was Rachel’s best friend, though not discouraged by Rachel, was nevertheless uncomfortable for her.  She was puzzled.  A certain constraint was beginning to interfere with her relationships with both of them.  She decided to have it out with Paco, try to discover the nature of the budding friendship with her sister, and determine if Harmony had been correct in her assertion that Paco was in love with her.  She asked him to meet her at one of their hangouts, a cafe near her house called Mason’s Barbecue.  She was nervous as she faced him.   Continue Reading »

On the day of the transplant, Kat couldn’t concentrate on work, so she drove out to Vi’s and Tina’s to await a phone call from Mickey or Gabe.  At 2:45 that afternoon Gabe called Vi to say that the transplant had gone well.  Now it was a matter of waiting to determine if it had actually begun to work.  Megan would be in the hospital for four weeks, during which time she would be receiving blood transfusions and being constantly monitored for infections.     Continue Reading »

The week before the trip to Philadelphia was especially hard on Megan.  The chemo was causing her to be constantly nauseated and debilitated. She stayed in bed most of the time, when not getting an outpatient treatment.  The transplant was scheduled for the following Tuesday.   Continue Reading »

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